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Our Mission

At Aligned Blessings, we have made it our mission to bring authentic pieces that are trendy and serve as excellent conversation starters to help you share your testimony with the world.

Aligned Blessings was created to embrace the positive blessings found all around us! Our message is to live simply, seek kindness and spark the curious through a hand-picked selection of quality products to represent your originality and the message of love and faith you value. We believe in the individuality and divine purpose of our customers and strive to create conversations of hope and grace in the lives of those we reach.

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It starts with YOU

We often underestimate the impact we have on the lives of those around us. YOU have the tools you need to bring the word of God to the world- but it all begins with YOU.

Prayer Requests

We could all use a prayer every now and again. If there's something weighing on your heart or going on in your life that you need lifted up to God, let us know and our team will personally pray for you.

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A relationship NOT a religion

At Aligned Blessings we value the true, unwavering relationship that each and every one of us has built with Jesus Christ through personal experience, prayer and hardships.

"When we align our lives with the plans of God, we see God's promises unfold in our lives"