Are you a Follower of Our Lord & Savior with a love for social media?  
What if we told you there was a way to blend your passions together AND get rewarded for doing so?  We know, it sounds too good to be true – but we can offer you that. At Aligned Blessings, we’ve created an Ambassador Program to allow dedicated followers to reach new heights with our brand!

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Welcome! Our 2019 Aligned Blessings Ambassador Program is now open!
We are looking for individuals who are active in their communities, churches, and are motivated to spread the faith to make the world a better place. Worldwide ambassadors are more than welcome.

How Does It Work?

Simple - If you are chosen to become an Ambassador, you’ll receive an AB code good for 15% off 1 order and another AB code for 10% every order for life! Your AB codes can be shared with absolutely anyone, even your 15% code! Share with friends, family, followers, classmates, anybody really, and you will see it feels great to help and be a part of something for The Lord!

The AB Promise

Once you receive your AB code, all we ask of you is:

1. To mention us with the code in your bio, on either or all social media platforms, so your friends and followers can access it. Also, to share it with everyone in your community!

2. To post with us (@alignedblessings) tagged in it. You can post absolutely anything you feel can help spread faith – pictures of your new apparel, videos of you or your friends at youth group, or even just inspirational quotes or bible verses. As long as you tag us in the post, we’re happy with anything you can come up with.  

Your Benefits

The biggest benefit is pleasing God, and helping others as that is what it is about!

Also, if you tag us in a post on Instagram (@alignedblessings) while wearing some AB apparel, you may get a feature on our page! - as long as the picture is of high quality.

In addition, you will also receive exclusive access to bible verses, quotes, and videos, along with special offers and discounts straight to your inbox! 


Coming Soon :)

Awesome Bracelets, Rings & Free Stickers!


Also, if you would like to see what our ambassadors have done for us, please visit our Instagram @alignedblessings and view our tagged posts.

In short, our ambassadors are our social media warriors - Join us in our mission to bring the love of our Savior far and wide!

Please contact us via email at for any questions may you have.
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